Producers Auditions

Auditions for The Producers will take place on Sunday September 10th from 2pm, and are open to all.  There will be audition prep on Wednesdays, starting on August 23rd.  Facebook event here.

Max Bialystock is described as selfish and greedy – a man who is only interested in making money. Though this is later proven untrue, Max’s fiery and sarcastic nature can be very intimidating. He is willing to do anything to make money (including “shtupping every little old lady in New York”) and is often angry, short-tempered and unwilling to cooperate nicely.

Leopold “Leo” Bloom is a mousy, nervous and fearful accountant, prone to panic attacks and who keeps a fragment of his childhood blue blankie in his pocket to calm himself. Nevertheless, it is Leo who has the idea of how to make money from a failed play.

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson Bloom is a young Swedish woman who becomes Max and Leo’s secretary. Ulla is the one who comes between Max and Leo and she runs off with Leo to Brazil.

Roger Elizabeth De Bris is a flamboyantly gay theatre director, described by Max Bialystock as the worst director to have ever lived, and was chosen by Bialystock in an attempt to ensure that Springtime for Hitler would flop. He lives with his equally flamboyant partner Carmen Ghia and his production crew in a house described as an Upper East Side town house in New York.

Carmen Ghia is the partner of Roger De Bris. Another gay and flamboyantly part.

Franz Liebkind is a former Nazi who has penned an admiring musical tribute to Adolf Hitler, titled “Springtime for Hitler”. The two protagonists, Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, purchase and produce this “worst play ever written” as part of a plot to defraud investors by overselling and staging.

The music auditions are as follows:

  • Max: #21 Betrayed 1-166 inc. dialogue over music.  (finishing at “intermission”).  Note that the bar numbers go weird on p242, ignore these.
  • Ula: #12 When You’ve Got It… 27-end (cutting the dance break 46-54)
  • Leo: #15 That Face 1-80
  • Franz: #16D Have You Heard Entire piece
  • Carmen/Roger: #11 Keep It Gay 1-45, but singing both parts
  • Little Ladies: #13 Bialy 69-75 (every solo part) and then 116-132

The Lib auditions are as follows, to be learned where possible to give yourself the best chance of getting the part:

  • Max and Leo: p7
  • Franz: p30-31
  • Carmen/Roger: p37-40
  • Ulla: p48 “rights” to p50, into song
  • Grannies:
    • From p56: Max- ah did you bring the checkee.
    • To p57: Max- how’bout the Jewish

Max and Leo will be expecting to participate in the other auditions but only to learn p7.

Timings as follows:

  • Grannies/Max 2pm
  • Leo 3:15
  • Ulla 4:00
  • Roger/Carmen 4:30
  • Franz 5:15

Max and Leo to stay until 6, please.

If you are not already a member of WBLOS, you will be asked to pay £20 to audition (which makes you a member for the year, and is included in the show fee).  Full fees here.

There is also some useful stuff in the confidential area – check with Mike if you don’t know the password.